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Rocket Domains is a Google Could PartnerTransform everything from your website, business email and documents to scheduling, phone, instant messaging and customer relationship tools with Google G Suite and Rocket Domains. 

Drive productivity, growth and revenues while spending less energy, time and money trying to figure out how to manage IT infrastructure, maximise security and analyse and improve performance and efficiency.

The unified future of business communiction, collaboration and productivity is here, made available by Rocket Domains, a leading Google Cloud Partner, through the one and only: Google’s G Suite.



G Suite

A professional set of business tools

G Suite* (formerly Google Apps) is a Google* cloud-based suite of business communication, collaboration, and productivity apps built specifically for efficiency, and growth. The core apps included in the basic package include email, calendar, and file storage, with integration with various other business apps such as CRM, administrative, and productivity tools.

Crafted for Your Workplace

Starting at just $4.30 / £3.30 per user/month

GSuite Gmail

Send professional email from your own business web address. Create group mailing lists such as

Google Drive GSuite
All the storage you need

G Suite’s Basic edition gives 30 GB of online storage per user. For unlimited storage, upgrade to Business or Enterprise edition

Gsuite Uptime Guarantee
24/7/365 live support

Use our MissionControl to get help from a live person whenever you need it. You can also find fast answers online in our Rocket Manual

G Suite Analytics
Powerful Admin Controls

Add/remove users, create groups and enable security options such as 2-step verification and single-sign-on (SSO)

Gsuite Mobile Device Management
Remote Device Management

Keep your organisation's data secure with remote device management. Locate devices, require passwords and erase data remotely when needed with ease

Gsuite Data Migration
Data Migration

Use our migration tools and services to move your company's critical data to G Suite from your current storage systems in few minutes


Used by Millions of Businesses

From small businesses to the Fortune 500 companies

Google Email with GSuite
Secure and reliable business email with the most powerful spam 
protection on the web

Google Drive GSuite
Google Drive
Online file storage with real-time collaboration and access management

Google Calendar with G Suite

Google Calendar

Integrated calendar with scheduling & sharing between team members

GSuite Gmail

Google Hangouts

Integrated Video conferencing and instant messaging

Google Groups with Gsuite

Google Docs

Create, edit & collaborate on documents directly in your browser

Google Groups with Gsuite

Google Sheets

Create, edit and share spreadsheets from your browser

Google Groups with Gsuite

Google Forms

Create web surveys & questionnaires. Gather and analyse data in Sheets

Google Groups with Gsuite

Google Slides

Create, share & collaborate on beautiful presentations

Google Groups with Gsuite

Google Groups

Empowers teams to project manage & collaborate in groups

GSuite Gmail

Google Sites

Create and publish simple websites locally or on the web

GSuite Gmail

Google Keep

Note-taking app enabling teams to organise workload with ease

GSuite Gmail

Google Vault

Store emails, chat logs and files securely


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G Suite Google Analytics

Team Performance




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