Premium DNS For Faster & More Secure Websites

Take your website speed, security and uptime to the ultimate level with RocketDNS- glolabally conneted premium DNS network.

Rocket Domains Premium DNS for Faster & More Secure WebsitesWe appreciate that the most important elements for an online business are speed, security and uptime. Rocket Domains advanced yet affordable global DNS network delivers all that for less than a dollar/month - leveraging Anycast technology for inimitable speed, security and resiliency. 

Our high performance Premium DNS service optimizes your DNS resolution for faster response time for your website ensuring that your website is always responsive. It also shields you against cybersecurity risks and threats such as DDoS attacks by enforcing multiple layers of security and protection.

Regardless of whether yours is a personal, business or e-commerce website, you must ensure that your website is always accessible with faster speed and watertight security. 

Our high performance, always available, and globally connected DNS infrastructure & security features like DNSSEC make it harder for criminals to hurt your online business thereby adding to your bottomline. 

Read below to learn how you can easily switch your domains to Rocket Domains' cost-effective, high-performance premium DNS for your websites, applications and domains.

Crafted for Your Website

Starting at less than a $1 a month

Lightening Fast
Faster Speed

Fully redundant, globally connected Anycast locations, make Rocket Domains Premium DNS your solution of choice to meet your need for speed

100 percent Premium DNS SLA
Proven Security

Our reliable, proactive and vigilant multi-layer security protects you against cybersecurity risks & threats like DDoS attacks.

Premium DNS Analytics

Analytics information (available upon request) showing valuable insights on your DNS traffic

Gsuite Data Migration
100% DNS SLA

If we don't deliver on 100% DNS SLA 24/7/365, you'll get credit for number of days below the SLA for up to a month/year


RocketDNS Pricing

Advanced yet affordable premium DNS crafted for business & mission critical websites
Supported by Rocket Domains Customer Service

All plans include

24/7 DNS traffic monitoring
DNSSEC features
Monthly Analytics (upon request)

There are three plans to choose from based on the number of monthly queries the DNS zone can make.

Premium DNS plan Maximum monthly queries Annual Price

Premium 2M

2 million queries

$11.50 USD
£9.5 GBP

Premium 5M
5 million queries $26.50 USD
£21.5 GBP

Premium 15M
15 million queries $78.50 USD
£62.5 GBP



Achieve the Ultimate Level of Speed, Performance & Security

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